Immediate Plans

Present premises of EDARCH centre have enough spare space for installing additional 7-8 different machines for diversifying and manufacturing various industrial components and accommodating 30-40 additional Divyang persons of all categories.

We have plans to develop tie-ups with industries to get orders to supply their various products manufactured by Divyang persons and install machinery accordingly.

We have plans to prepare and supply paper shredding upto 15 to 20 tons per month to industries for packaging purpose.

We are planning to prepare paper bags from waste paper and supply them to different Malls, Shops and Corporate Houses.

Future Plan

EDARCH has successfully proved the concept of making Divyang Persons as Entrepreneurs in groups for their sustainable rehabilitation and now has plans to spread this concept throughout the world by establishing Centres in different cities and in various countries.

Rotary International District 3131 has appreciated our success and is now in the process of establishing a Centre in 10 to 15 acres of land near Industrial zone of Pune, Maharashtra, India with state of art facilities for Vocational training and developing Divyang Persons as Entrepreneurs.

In the Centre, almost 350 to 400 Divyang Persons of different categories of disability will receive Vocational training in manufacturing of different industrial products.

Residential, mess, medical, physiotherapy, sports, and cultural facilities will be provided.

60 to 70 Industrial sheds with roads, electricity, water, transport, guest houses will be made available.

Industrial tie ups will be done for supply of ancillary products manufactured by Divyang Persons.

Required machinery with infrastructure and tools & tackles will be provided to each group in their sheds depending upon the product for that group.

Admin facilities with vocational trainers, technocrats, staff for admin and residents will be made available.

Funds for all above will be received by appealing to the Corporates through their CSR funds, NRIs, funding agencies in the world, Government special grants for Skill Development and Philanthropists throughout the world.

  • Phase 1
    2.61 acres
  • 11 industrial units
  • 36 bedded dormitory for girls
  • 36 bedded dormitory for boys
  • Rector's residence-1
  • Kitchen, Dining, Sports center

  • Phase 2
    2.41 acres
  • 11 industrial units
  • 36 bedded dormitory for boys
  • Admin
  • Primary health center

  • Phase 3
    3.64 acres
  • 18 industrial units
  • 36 bedded dormitory for girls
  • Rector's residence -1
  • 144 bedded dormitory - 1st floor

  • Phase 4
    2.0 acres
  • 16 industrial units
  • 24 rooms for staff

  • Phase 5
    1.73 acres
  • 8 Suites
  • Parking