In order to make the disabled persons self reliant and establish them in the mainstream of society as Entrepreneurs on co-operative basis, we:

  1. Mentally Retarded, Orthopaedically Handicapped etc. known as "entrepreneural groups ".Form entrepreneural groups of 8-10 disabled persons of all categories viz. Blind, Deaf
  2. Identify industrial products and assemblies for them.
  3. Arrange for industrial tie-ups for continuous and permanent orders.
  4. Render them " on the job vocational training " on the basis of one product for one group.
  5. Impart training with the help of production supervisors and quality control engineers coming from tie-up industries.
  6. Make provision of special technical aids to achieve quality and optimum rate of production.
  7. Establish an ancillary industrial unit  for each entrepreneural group after satisfactory performance by the group.
  8. Rehabilitate the group of disabled persons as " Entrepreneur " on commercial footing by making them partners / share holders of the unit so formed.
  9. Remain as retainer to the group even after rehabilitation for the survival & progress of the ancillary unit.
  10. Period of training to each entrepreneural group will differ and will depend upon the   product, the functions to be carried out and the time required for the synchronisation  of activities.